Evolution and Collaboration

I am very fortunate to be doing what I do. It's certainly been a great journey to get to where I am professionally. Recently, my thoughts have been about the amazing individuals I have worked with in my career as a stylist. I am humbled to be working with such talented producers, photographers, hair dressers, makeup artists, art directors, agents, digital techs, photo assistants, location scouts, clients and models. One question I am asked frequently about is how the whole photo shoot thing happens- and I always respond by saying it takes a multitude of talents to plan, arrange, budget and execute so that the shoot concept comes to life.
Here are a few images from my latest shoot with Lucy Activewear shot in Los Angeles by friend and frequent collaborator, photographer Sophie Pangrazzi. Pictured above are the various roles we play to make IT all happen. As I am writing this entry, our two art directors, are starting new ventures of their own. Good luck to Kelly at Nike and LeeAnne who will be spearheading the women's swimwear design department for Victoria's Secret in NYC! Here is to a year of constant evolution and collaboration!