Business in the Front, History in the Back: My Commercial Mullet

I used to do these kind of shoots every other week when I first started styling. Business related shoots, in a contemporary office setting, models were ethnically ambiguous, diverse in age. It was the benchmark of advertising for many years. With the near collapse of stock photography as we knew it, my work became more diverse and really, more interesting. As I am typing this entry, we are on our second day of shooting a large ad campaign for AT&T. Shot by commercial and celebrity photographer Stewart Cohen, we are shooting two days in Santa Monica and one day in Irvine, CA. I have to say, it's nice revisiting this familiar design esthetic. I guess its like when you have been doing something for a long time, like playing the piano, or riding a bike-then you stop and start again, your muscles behave from memory. This project feels like that to me. But style without evolution...isn't. Here is my attempt to modernize a bit of the classic "office-type" looks that we see in ads everywhere.
Attached are some looks from our fittings, signage very apropos to my work, and the asian guy getting a haircut was one of our models/actors we styled. Apparently, he was sort of a big pop star in Thailand and is now selling insurance in SoCal. LA is funny like that.