fun to test, fun to shoot

Call me a workaholic but when I am not working on an ad campaign, or an editorial, I am testing with photographers. Sometimes, the stuff that we get paid to do doesn't sustain our creativity so I always make time to test with good photographers. Sometimes we play with color stories and treatments, sometimes with different concepts, sometimes a reference to literature, a song, or a weird historical figure. This is where the importance of shooting with good photographers come in. A good photographer will always work with a concept and not shoot mechanically. The really good ones will also shoot quick and not waste my time. LOL. Here is a shoot I did with frequent conspirator and shit kicker photographer Kathryna Hancock. The concept is still evolving and we will probably make it into an editorial of some sort but here are the beginnings of it. Notice how the model's hair is shaped like a heart, kinda cute, we might run with that silhouette for the rest of the shoot.