where the smarties are

I had the opportunity to style my second cover for Wired Magazine recently. Shot by celebrity photographer Art Streiber, our shoot took us to a non-descript building in Redmond, WA. One of my favorite aspects of my job is the opportunity to visit industries and places I would otherwise not have access to. The subjects of the March2011 issue are a group of molecular gastronomists that co-authored an incredible book on food technology and the future of food called "Modernist Cuisine". Their company, Intellectual Ventures, primarily does IP projects which they patent. There were so many inspirational things they were experimenting on that it reignited my excitement for new technology and science. Pictured above is a room where they breed mosquitoes-they are working on experiments to completely eradicate malaria in third world countries. Also included are pics of the test kitchen, our crew, and myself doing a quick fitting on one of our subjects. Look for the Wired Magazine March2011 issue at bookstores globally.