Donna Summer would be Proud

What a beautiful week it has been in LA. Always nice to stay in LA in the wintertime when it's guaranteed 70's F most days. Its been so cold in Seattle and I was really looking forward to coming down and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D. Also looking forward to working on some fun editorials including two with frequent collaborator, photographer Kathryna Hancock. Kathryna and I had been emailing back and forth about possible concepts to give to a fashion magazine. Enter the song, "McArthur Park", a somewhat melodramatic song we all knew the lyrics to and also, the neighborhood that Kathryna lives at in Los Angeles. Here is how our photographer pitched it to the mag. "Richard Harris sang it, and it was written by Jimmy Webb after he broke up with Susan Ronstadt (cousin of Linda). They used to eat lunch in Macarthur Park together. It's a really famous song, even has a sense of camp to it, people love to hate it." How can they not love that, right? Here are some outtakes of our shoot in the sun, full of fun fashion, a disco heart ache and one very sweet pastry. I will be sure to post the pics when the issue comes out in March.