Its been a whirl whind lately with work. A curse/blessing of the self employed is we almost never say no to jobs. That is why from time to time, I leave the country to travel and wander so I can come back to my life inspired. I recently returned from a two week stay in Vietnam. A country I have always been curious about and wanted to visit. I have been on this southeast Asian kick lately so I was excited to cross this off my travel bucket list. Vietnam solicits ooohs and ahhhs from people that have been. The architecture, the history, the beaches and most importantly the food were all on my radar going into it. I spent a week in Ho Chi Minh City, aka Saigon. Saigon had the hustle and bustle of any SE Asian city: moped traffic, night markets, amazing food vendors, high end western boutiques, and fun street stalls where one who bargains well can acquire goods for a fraction of the price compared to the prices back at home. I typically don't spend too much time in the major cities when I travel so after a few days, I was off to a pristine stretch of white sand at Mui Ke Ga in central Vietnam. What I always tend to crave is beach time from my holidays. Time to mouth breath, float in the warm Pacific Ocean, live off of coconut water, watermelon, and grilled seafood. It was heaven. Oh, and I did manage to sneak in a couple of shoots for Elle Vietnam while I was there. I will be sure to post the pics of our editorial cover shoot with singer My Tam(I was told that she is like the Mariah Carey of Vietnam) AND a 12 page fashion editorial taken at the fabulously French/Viet resort we were staying at. So yeah, I did work a little bit but come on…it was for ELLE!