Behind the Production Line

I was recently hired to style and set design the "Fall Be" Ad campaign for the Bellevue Collection. After a few creative pre-production meetings with the photographer and the client, we decided the color story and the feel of the shoot. In each project, we all play a role. The makeup artist is focusing on her work, the photographer is looking at their light and engaging the model, and so on and so forth. What I loved about this project is helping to fully realize the shoot by creating the environment in addition to making sure the wardrobe and accessories look correct on the models. I brought on my trusty carpenters and assistants to construct our sets. We had a great time with our frequent collaborators, makeup artist Erin Skipley and photographer Alvin Nguyen, with our models, Raina and Lucy. Thanks to our new friends at Kemper management for a lovely week of shooting.