From Beverly Hills to the Gun Range

Guess you can say I am a bit of a workaholic at certain times. The last few days have been pretty comical in the scope of things I am hired to procure for photoshoots. I am fortunate to live in a city where we have access to anything, it's one of the perks of Los Angeles. This past week, I was pulling wardrobe for two very different projects, a fashion shoot for and an ad campaign for Miller Genuine Draft Light Beer. Where does one find ice fishing clothing in Los Angeles you ask? Rancho Cucamonga of course! A place that I have never visited but was always a bit curious about because of the name of the town itself. A place where Pippi Longstocking would have visited one time or another, I'm certain.
Here are a few pics from a very full day of driving, to-do list crossing, and shopping. The girl in the middle shot is the editorial contact for the Santa Monica Urban Outfitters store who was nice enough to let me pull lots of stuff even though they are in the middle of inventory.