How I fill up my Creative Reserves

Happy New Year friends and colleagues! What a year it has been and what a year it will be. I wanted to share a few pics of a pretty inspirational trip I had recently. I have been fortunate enough to stay busy this past year. I also recognize that all work and no play makes this stylist….tired. So I decided to meet two of my closest friends in Bali for some time in the warm ocean, and a culture so rich in dance, art, religion and Hindu tradition, that it has inspired visitors for hundreds of years. We spent the bulk of our time on our mopeds, the best way to see the island, driving through rice fields, visiting temples, sampling amazing spicy foods, and trying to absorb the beautiful life of the Balinese. Offerings to the gods are a twice daily ritual in the Balinese home. There is something so achingly beautiful about the gesture of humility and grace practiced daily. Although the Balinese are known for their fine craftmanship and detailed work in painting, sculpture, and metal work, I learned that there isn't a word in Bahasa Indonesia for "art". Instead it is considered a duty for every Balinese to be good with their hands and learn a trade. Amazing to imagine taking the ephemeral and subjective tastes in what is considered art to something more about discipline.

Here is to a year full of inspiration, Happy 2011!