Seaplanes, the Japanese, and a yacht named La Dolce Vita

Recently styled an advertorial shoot for photographer Gabe Sullivan in beautiful Roche Harbor. Our subject was an entrepreneur who created an energy drink, and the images were going to be used in a magazine available only in Japan. My work is kind of random that way…
Taking a puddle jumper at the crack of dawn from Seattle, we were in fjordland in minutes. The wardrobe story was a sophisticated "salty dog". Lots of Ralph Lauren, lots of wool, nautical stripes- and had to be less than 50lbs due to the strict weight restrictions on the seaplane. My steamer alone weighs 8lbs so i had to edit, edit, edit my pull.
Here are a few outtakes from our weekend shoot. The last pic is of myself and Celestine makeup artist Heidi Nymark, who I hadn't seen in years. It was a lovely weekend gig with a gracious crew.