Pulling Mussels from the Shell

All white wardrobe, higher-end designer, twenty four looks, eight models, role and age appropriate, limited wardrobe budget and 36 hours to prep a commercial shoot in the middle of winter in Seattle. This was the wardrobe specs I received from my long time art director. Not only was the time constraint so tight on this new product launch shoot, but procuring white clothing(no creams, no off white) in the Northwest was challenging to say the least. By the time we made the early call time, my wardrobe rack looked like I was starting a cult! The shoot turned out great and I think all that were involved, the ad agency peeps, my client, the photographer, and the various arms of the corporation that were there at the shoot, were pleased. Thanks to my two very resourceful assistants Matthew and Kelley. And thanks to our various clients that keep us on our toes and working!!